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SS Peter and Paul Parish

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Catholic social teaching, as well as the mission of Saint’s Peter and Paul Church, is to help people grow in holiness by living lives that reflect the love of the Most Holy Trinity. We can do this by following the call of the Holy Spirit, by imitating Jesus Christ and by seeking to do the Father’s will. We share the truth of the Gospel with others by our testimony and example. Through acts of charity and justice we seek to build a culture of life in the world today as we long for the Kingdom of God in the world to come.

Listed below are Service and Social Justice Ministries that provide volunteer opportunities. If you would like to volunteer for any of the ministries listed, fill out the Volunteer Form, indicating your interest, and we will contact you.

If you have further questions, contact Deacon Joe Verdico at 630-718-2155 or [email protected].

Bereavement Ministry open

Provides prayerful support to parishioners when there is a death in the family. Our members try to attend wake service or meet family members at the funeral and express sympathy of the parish. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information, click here.

Christian Service open

The Christian Service Commission (CSC) promotes and lives out our call to serve with justice. The CSC brings together members who advocate for agencies and individuals in need. Our mission includes the assembly of these members to collaborate and become more effective in our service response. More information, click here.

Communion for Edward Hospital Patients open

Eucharistic Ministers bring communion to patients at Edward Hospital who have indicated they are Catholic when admitted to the hospital.

Communion for the Homebound open

Eucharistic Ministers bring communion to our parishioners who are unable to attend Sunday Mass. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information, click here. Contact Deacon Joe Verdico for more information 630-718-2155 or [email protected]

Communion for Retirement/Nursing Home Residents open

Communion visits are made on a regular basis for seniors who live at facilities within our parish boundaries. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. For more information, please contact Paulette at 630-718-2127 or [email protected]

Divine Worship & Music open

The liturgy is the celebration of the mystery of Christ and in particular his paschal mystery. Through the exercise of the priestly office of Jesus Christ the liturgy manifests in signs and brings about the sanctification of humankind. The public worship which is due to God is offered by the Mystical Body of Christ, that is, by its head and by its members. The liturgy as the sacred action par excellence is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed and it is likewise the font from which all her power flows. Through the liturgy Christ continues the work of our redemption in, with and through his Church.

Elizabeth Ministry open

A peer-to-peer outreach to women and their families during special times of motherhood. Their purpose is to affirm, support, encourage and assist women during their childbearing years. All ages of women help in this service. This organization is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information click here. Contact: Sarah Bogusz [email protected]

Emergency Meals open

Provides meals to families going through difficult times due to illness, pregnancy, or other family situations.

Gardeners For Parish Grounds open

Families, individuals or groups volunteer to help plant, water and maintain flowers and plants around the parish grounds. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information click here.

Hands in Prayer open

Hands in Prayer is a ministry focused on praying specifically for our parish priests. Those interested in this ministry make a year-long commitment to spend an hour in prayer every week for the priests of our parish. We encourage each participant to commit to praying on a particular day of the week so as to cover our priests in prayer every day.. More information click here.

Legion of Mary open

The Legion of Mary is a lay Catholic association whose members are giving service to the Church, on a voluntary basis, all over the world. It was founded in Myra House, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland, on 7 September, 1921 by Frank Duff. At present, it has about 2,250,000 active members in over 160 countries.

Regular works for the Legion of Mary include door to door evangelization, nursing home visitation, visiting new parishioners and parish families with newly baptized babies, crowd contact and distributing Catholic literature, bringing the Pilgrim Virgin statue of the Blessed Mother to houses to consecrate them, and Enthronements of homes to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another type of event is a Parish Evangelization Project, which is a one or two time event by legionaries from several parishes to evangelize a nearby parish. The Legion also staffs a booth at county fairs to answer questions from people who may want to know more about the Catholic Faith. All Legion works are approved by the parish pastor or spiritual director and in its entire works, the Legion works in obedience to the bishops and the parish priests. Works are typically done in pairs so that legionaries can learn from each other and encourage each other in service to Our Lord.

The Legion of Mary meets every Monday evening at 6pm in room 227 throughout the school year.

For more information, contact the Legion at [email protected] or Legion of Mary.

Medical Drivers open

Transportation services for SS. Peter and Paul parishioners who do not have transportation available to them for doctor or dental visits, hospital appointments or other medical visits.This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information click here.

Parish Nurse/Health and Services open

This ministry is designed to identify and address the continuous needs of our parish families through health education, counseling and spiritual support by linking the needs of the whole person to resources and services within the congregation, community and the health care system. The parish Health and services coordinator will work with existing committees such as Pastoral Care and St. Vincent de Paul to address their immediate needs and augment their services. This group is part of the Christian Service Commission. For more information, click here or contact Paulette Shea at 718-2127.
Pastoral Care open

Affirms the act of mercy dictated by Jesus Christ: to care for the sick, comfort the dying and be a beacon of encouragement, love and support to the parishioners of SS. Peter and Paul Church. Connects those in need with our priests, deacons and pastoral ministers. This group is part of the Christian Service Commission. Click here for more information.
Peace & Social Justice open

The purpose of the Social Justice Committee is to promote the social justice mission of the Church; to educate and inform our parish faith community on the issues of social justice based on the teachings of our Church and to encourage & inspire members of our parish to action. This group is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information click here.
Prayer Shawl Ministry open

This beautiful ministry makes lap blankets, prayer shawls, baby blankets, caps and booties which are knitted or crocheted by the SS. Peter & Paul Prayer Shawl Ministry members.

They are created with love & care for individuals who may need the warmth of God’s love, whether it is medical, emotional or spiritual. When the shawl is completed it is blessed and gift wrapped and presented with a prayer card to the recipient.

If you would like to join us, we meet on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 11 AM until Noon in the upper level of the Ministry Center, room 227, but attendance is not mandatory. Members may work independently at home and just drop off their contributions to the main office.

For more information or to join our group, please contact Paulette Shea at 630-718-2127 or [email protected]

Religious Liberty open
I-CAN allows you to sign up for occasional e-mail updates from the Catholic Conference of Illinois (CCI). Catholic Conferences in other states are developing similar networks, as we recognize the need for more creative forms of engagement for the laity. More information click here.
Respect Life Ministry open

Promotes respect for all life, from conception to natural death. Our efforts focus on education, prayer & worship, pastoral care and public policy. This group is part of the Christian Service Commission. More information click here.
Seasons of Hope open

Seasons of Hope is a bereavement support group that provides prayerful support to parishioners when there is a death in the family. The program is divided into four seasons, which are held throughout the year. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. For more information contact Paulette Shea or Deacon Joe Verdico and click HERE.
Young at Heart open

An active group for our senior adults age 55 or better, with a variety of social and spiritual activities. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. A wonderful way to make new friends and have a great time. For more information click here.

Visiting Friends open

Special people who like to play cards/games, read, talk or just be a friend to our senior parishioners visit them at their home or in nursing homes. This ministry is part of the Christian Service Commission. For more information, contact Paulette Shea at 630-718-2127 or [email protected]

Community Partners:

Employment Ministry
Hesed House
Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry
Mission Opportunities
Naperville C.A.R.E.S.

Additional links:

Giving DuPage is a public/private initiative promoting giving and volunteering in DuPage County. This website includes an interactive volunteer match feature, general information www.dupageco.org/givingdupage

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN is a Christian 501(c)(3) non profit organization. A single meal costs only 22 cents to produce. More information at www.fmsc.org

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Parish Office:

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Fr.Dan Bachner, Parish Administrator