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SS Peter and Paul Parish

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Christian Service

Christian Service Commission (CSC)

The Christian Service Commission (CSC) promotes and lives out our call to serve with justice. The CSC brings together members who advocate for agencies and individuals in need. Our mission includes the assembly of these members to collaborate and become more effective in our service response. With knowledge and prayer the CSC distributes SSPP resources to agencies that help others as well as responding to specific individuals. Additionally we educate and motivate parishioners regarding Christ’s call to serve and act with justice. For more information on the role of CSC members or financial information concerning the commission, click on the links below. For more specific information on a particular ministry, find the name on the list and click their link.

Every year we receive a portion of the Parish’s budget and a portion of Christmas and Easter donations to distribute to organizations that serve the physical and spiritual needs of those locally, nationally and internationally.

Organizations Receiving Donations from the CSC

The good works supported by the generosity of the SSPP parishioners is often unknown or overlooked. Your contributions made to the parish in the Sunday envelopes support a large network of charitable efforts by our SSPP parish volunteers. In the following weeks, various organizations coming under the parish umbrella of the Christian Service Commission will be discussed in the Sunday bulletins. Today the parish Young at Heart Ministry is highlighted for you, with much gratitude for your weekly financial generosity.

Over the next several weeks, we will highlight these organizations, both in the bulletin and on this page.

Article 1 – Introduction & Young at Heart (YAH)

Read full CSC article about YAH…

Article 2 – Transitional Housing Ministry & Homebound Communion Ministry

Read full CSC article on these two ministries…

Article 3 – Hesed House

Read more about Hesed House…

Article 4 – Mass Kit for Fr. Johannes Kgaodi, Botswana

Read full article…

Article 5: Catholic Near East Welfare Assoc. & Women at Risk, Inc.

Read full article on WAR and CNEWA

Article 6 – The St. Thomas More Society and The Becket Fund

Read the full CSC article on Legal firms

Article 7: The Catholic Church Extension Society of America (CESA) & The Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS)

Read the full CSC article on CESA & AMS 

Article 8: Seminaries

Previous Bulletin articles from the Christian Service Commission (CSC) have discussed a wide diversity of recipients of SSPP donations. Today the focus is on a continuing and pressing need of the worldwide Church, of our diocese, and of our own parish – supporting the institutions that train our Catholic priests of the future. A brief history and discussion of the mission of each of the four seminaries supported by direct SSPP CSC allocations will hopefully emphasize the importance of those donations to the future of the Catholic faith in each of our lives. It is often said that “Without priests, there is no Eucharist”. The four seminaries discussed below have had a profound influence on Ss. Peter and Paul parish as most of our Parochial Vicars and Pastors, for many years, have been educated at one or more of these institutions, including our current Pastor, Fr. Milota.

CSC article on the 4 seminaries: St. John Vianney College Seminary (SJV), Pontifical College Josephinum (PCJ), The University of St. Mary of the Lake at Mundelein and The Pontifical North American College (PNAC)

CSC – Role of the general commission member

The volunteers and staff of the SSPP Christian Service Commission give of their time and talents with the sole purpose of serving those in need. Our primary role on the commission is the financial oversight of SSPP resources dedicated to organizations and ministries in need. It is each member’s responsibility to prayerfully consider how the parish resources would be best distributed. At times we may be asked to offer our experiences regarding particular organizations. We may also be requested to research particular organizations being considered to receive donations. It is our responsibility to ensure that the organizations meet the established commission guidelines for cash donations.

The commission members through a collaborative effort strive to make sure that SSPP parish is effectively serving the parish community and the broader Christian community in which it plays an essential and vital role.

CSC- Subcommittees

As needed, members may be asked to participate on a commission subcommittee to focus on individual organizations and specific requests. The subcommittee then reports its findings to the full commission.

CSC Organizations/Ministries

Parish Organizations Parish Community Partners
Bereavement Ministry Employment Ministry
Communion for Edward Hospital Patients Hesed House
Communion for the Homebound Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry
Communion for Retirement/Nursing Home Residents Mission Opportunities
Elizabeth Ministry Naperville C.A.R.E.S.
Emergency Meals PADS
Funeral Lunches
Gardeners for Parish Grounds
Hands in Prayer
Knights of Columbus
Prayer Shawl Ministry
Legion of Mary
Medical Drivers
Parish Nurse/Health and Services
Pastoral Care
Peace and Social Justice
Pro-Life Ministry
Seasons of Hope
Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Transitional Housing
Visiting Friends
Young at Heart

To learn more about any of the organizations listed, click on the individual links above or see the buttons below.

ministriesbutton vol_form_button resources_button donatebutton

Mon-Sat: 6:45 & 8:00 am

Mon-Thu: 5:15 pm

Sat: 5:00 & 6:30 pm

Sun: 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00 am; 12:30, 5:15 (Tridentine), & 8:00 pm

1st Fri: Noon in Adoration Chapel

Parish Office:

(630) 355-1081
Fax (630) 355-1179

Office Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM -5:00 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Fr.Dan Bachner, Parish Administrator