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SS Peter and Paul Parish

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The weekday homilies are recorded and the audio is on The Fisherman’s Net website. To listen, go to The Fisherman’s Net and click on any of the recorded homilies.

Transcripts from several of the Priest’s & Deacon’s Sunday Homilies are included below:

  1. Holy Thursday Homily – Father Thomas Milota

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    I.                   Homily – Holy Thursday – 2017 II.               “…the Mass is a mysterious participation in the heavenly liturgy,” wrote Pope Saint John Paul. III.            In fact, the great saint went further.  He wrote:  “The Eucharist is truly a glimpse of heaven appearing on earth. It is a glorious ray of the heavenly...
  2. Third Sunday of Lent 2017 – Father Thomas Milota

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    I. Third Sunday of Lent II. We may be tempted to think of the well as a still pool of water…a cool refreshing pool…indeed…but still. A. We may think that when the woman approached the well…she was coming to draw water in the heat of the day to refresh herself and her...
  3. The Value of Human Life by Father Thomas Milota

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    I. Homily – January 21-22, 2017 – The Value of Human Life II. “The Lord is my light and my salvation.” A. We hear the basic tenet of our faith. The Lord is the one who guides and saves us. B. This was the concern of Saint Paul in our second reading today. 1....
  4. 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time – Zacchaeus, Father Milota

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    I. Homily – 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time – Zacchaeus II. Zacchaeus spent the first half of his life…alone. A. St. Luke tells us that he was a wealthy man and a tax-collector…he was dishonest and defrauded at least some…however, it seems that this was a way of life for him. 1. The...
  5. 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2016 – Father Milota

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    I. Homily 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time- October 8, 2016 II. Gratitude and Personal Responsibility A. Gratitude is a constant theme in the scripture readings today. 1. Our first reading has Naaman giving thanks for having been cured of leprosy. 2. Our second reading has Saint Paul grateful for having been found worthy of...
  6. 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Oct. 2, 2016 – Father Milota

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    I.                    Because we make no bones about supporting the church’s teaching on life, marriage and the family, sometimes those who do not understand this teaching can become disillusioned by its clarity. Certainly, I am glad that I have a reputation for being 100% in line with the Church’s teaching, in...

Mon-Sat: 6:45 & 8:00 am

Mon-Thu: 5:15 pm

Sat: 5:00 & 6:30 pm

Sun: 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00 am; 12:30, 5:15 (Tridentine), & 8:00 pm

1st Fri: Noon in Adoration Chapel

Parish Office:

(630) 355-1081
Fax (630) 355-1179

Office Hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 5 PM
  • Friday (Summer only): 7:30 AM-1 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Fr. Thomas Milota, Pastor (630) 718-2108 (Jessica)